Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Bang Quiz!

So i recently took a quiz & was not expecting what i got for an answer! i mean i knew it'd be G-dragon! but the comment that came along with it was so cute & funny. LOL. if you have 5 mins. to spare i deff. recommend taking thiz quiz! [especially if you love GD!] anyways here is what i got:

U got the psycho little cutie. I bet u know him.
Anyway a little story for u.
U were walking down a street,and a crazy boy came towards you.
"YAH!" you yelled.
"GD's my name,wha'cha want?"
"Omo, GD from big bang?"
"Yeh, im the only GD from this world babe yo yo"
"Omo, u look cuter in reality, can i please see your tattoo?"
"Which one?"
"Too fast to live,to young to die"
"yeaah u naughtyyy..."

ahaha sooo adorable! i wouldn't mind this coming true AT ALL! :]

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