Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Bang On Set - New Hite Beer CF @ Section TV 0903013

Seungri~ah! i miss you Baby! ehh im so used to having him around & making everything awkward lol xD Poor maknae! he is too young to be drinking. x[ Well anyways i think the CF is gonna be really cute already! like all the other CF's they done! GD's hair!?? ehh whats going on!! ehe actually is not as bad as the one he had before w/ his really shiny forehead so its okay i prefer this one, plus GD is STILL GD no matterwhat hairstyle he is still freaking cute! :D TOP! [cough cough] hehe he he was having fun huh? lol when they asked them who drinks the most from the group, i wasn't surprised at all ..... its TOP! lol he is known to like to drink the most from the group. im pretty sure this what his favorite CF. xDD Well all the boys looked like they were having fun & happy i'll be waiting for the whole CF! i cant wait, it looks really good already! :D

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